Manage Arduino with your smartphone

ArduController can handle the electronic board Arduino, sending data to activate digital outputs or receiving data on the status of digital and analog inputs.

Connections: Ethernet/Wifi or Bluetooth

Widgets: Switch, push button, PWM, pin state, raw data, DHT, DS18B20, LM35, custom (you can customize the widget according to your needs).

The application also includes a set of connection schemes.

Download and install the ArduController library into your IDE, then load this sketch and use the ArduController app!

Tested with: Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino Leonardo + Ethernet Shield + Bluetooth HC-06


Download the ArduController library. Follow the example and create a plan for managing Arduino!

Watch the demonstration of the “ArduController” application to see how it works!


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Beta version

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ArduController PRO Key

ArduController Pro Key

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Step 1: Install the “ArduController FREE” app.
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