Egal File Manager

Manage and organize files in a simple, efficient way

Egal File Manager lets you completely and efficiently manage all the files on your device with a simple and intuitive graphical interface. Its greatest feature is clarity, making it extremely easy to use for browsing and organizing files.

✓ Browse folders, copy, cut, paste, delete, rename, zip, share
✓ Extract zip and rar archives
✓ Access files by category
✓ Multimedia information for images, videos, and audio files
✓ Folders or files can be added to your favorites for quick access from your Home Page
✓ Support for APK files
✓ View hidden files
✓ Different display modes (list, small list, grid, and preview)
✓ Multiple selection and sorting support
✓ Miniatures for photos, videos, and applications
✓ Image Viewer
✓ Text Editor
✓ Music Player
✓ Root Explorer: you can access the entire file system (requires root permissions)
✓ Lan Explorer (Explore the local network)
✓ Ftp Explorer (Manage FTP servers)
✓ Used storage analyses
✓ Search files
✓ Recent files
✓ Find duplicate files
✓ Theme light / Theme dark
✓ Multilingual


Additional features of the PRO version:
☆ No advertisements
☆ Backup applications
☆ Mountpoints (only root)


With Android 4.4 KitKat, you can only use the external SD Card with root permissions


  • English (Trusted Translations)
  • French (Translated srl)
  • German (Andreas)
  • Italian (Ettore Gallina)
  • Polish (RaV, Kacper Szuba, Adamszopki)
  • Portuguese (BR) (Translated srl)
  • Portuguese (PT) (Leandro Sousa)
  • Russian (Translated srl, Radmir Far)
  • Spanish (Translated srl)
  • Vietnamese (Nguyễn Duy Trung)

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PRO version

Egal File Manager

PRO version

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This more complete version provides the user with new functions and interesting tools for managing the device and its files.

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