Electrical Cost

Calculation of theoretical energy spending based on power used by appliances

✓ Ability to change currency
✓ Choice of simple slots or consumption-based slots
✓ Power consumption and cost per day/week/month/year
✓ Ability to save templates [PRO]
✓ Ability to export to text files [PRO]
✓ Choice of predefined loads or manually input parameters



For all those who bought both applications: Electrical Calculations and Lighting Calculations, the application Electrical Cost will be automatically unlocked!

Watch the demonstration of the “Electrical Cost” application to see how it works!


  • Bosnian (by Ferid)
  • Bulgarian (by Miroslav Minchev)
  • Croatian (by Goran Arabadzic)
  • Czech (by Skipy)
  • Dutch (by Robert Wintersteijn)
  • English (by Valentina Ragona)
  • Français (by Ettore Gallina)
  • German (by Christopher-Anton Aicher, Ali Karadag, Matheusiin Villela, Andreas)
  • Greek (by Tasos Pergantis)
  • Indonesian (handoko)
  • Italian (by Ettore Gallina)
  • Magyar (by Molnár Zoltán, Menyhárt Ferenc)
  • Nepali (by Sagar Acharya)
  • Norwegian (by drzordz, Yassine)
  • Persian (by Saeed Fardi, Sajjad Asadbeygi, Sina Kheymedoozi)
  • Polish (by drzordz, Filu)
  • Portuguese [BR] (by Paulo Pepeleascov, Fraga Junior, Felipe Espitia)
  • Portuguese [PT] (by Leandro Sousa)
  • Romanian (Silvian Ionescu)
  • Russian (by Djek.Energetik, Murtozakul)
  • Serbian (by Vladimir Cvijovic)
  • Simplified Chinese (by wxdjs, Tian Hongpeng)
  • Spanish (by Fabio López, Valentina Ragona)
  • Tagalog (by Jun Aron S)
  • Turkish (by Bekir Aydogdu)
  • Ukrainian (by YuriiGuy)
  • Vietnamese (by Nguyễn Duy Trung, Ndnam)

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Electrical Cost PRO Key

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