Informatic Calculations

Informatic Calculations is the best app in the IT sector, it has many calculations that can help you in your work. It can not miss in your smartphone!

Byte conversion
Dec, bin, oct, hex conversion
Signed number representations: Signed magnitude, One’s complement, Two’s complement
Password generation
Random number generation
Base 64 encoding / decoding
URL encoding / decoding
MD5 hash generation
SHA hash generation
CRC-32 hash generation
Unix Timestamp conversion
POE calculation
Subnet calculation
Wake on lan
RGB/HEX conversion
Common character encodings
ASCII character codes
HTML entities and special characters
Material Design color palettes
Characters, words, lines counting
Text inversion
Uppercase / Lowercase
Removal space and carriage return
Accented characters cleaning
Strings replacement
String / Binary conversion


  • English (Valentina Ragona)
  • French (Ettore Gallina)
  • German (Andreas)
  • Italian (Ettore Gallina)
  • Portuguese [Brasil] (Tomedes Translations)
  • Russian (Tomedes Translations)
  • Spanish (Valentina Ragona)
  • Vietnamese (Nguyen Duy Trung)

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