Lighting Calculations

All calculations concerning the lighting

Calculation of total flux [PRO], Lighting requirements for interiors, Quantity of luminaires.

Lumens to Lux, Lux to Lumens, Lumens to Watts, Watts to Lumens, Lux to Watts, Watts to Lux, Lumens to Candela, Candela to Lumens, Candela to Lux, Lux to Candela, Lux / Foot-Candle, Compare power.

Luminous efficacy calculation, Luminance converter [PRO], Illuminance converter [PRO].

Type of lamps [PRO], Lamp fittings [PRO], Bulb shapes, Table luminous efficacy, Color temperature, Kruithof curve, Visible spectrum, Kelvin to RGB, RGB/HEX conversion, RGB/CMYK conversion, Fluorescent tubes [PRO], Color codes of fluorescent tubes [PRO], Power factor correction [PRO], Lux meter [PRO] (compatible only on devices with light sensor).

Typical led characteristics [PRO], Power supply for strip led, Led SMD, Illuminance on the floor [PRO], Energy saving lamp, Photobiological safety of led [PRO], Specific power [PRO], Unit of measurement, Symbols, Formulary [PRO].

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