Converti stringhe Android-iOs

Screenshot app Converti Stringhe Android iOS

Mac application written in Java.

This application selects strings that are translated into various languages from the “Resources” folder of an Android project and transforms them into iOs string files (Xcode Localizable.strings).

The Italian Localizable.strings file is used as a template. For each line, the application will search for the corresponding key in Android’s strings.xml file. Having obtained the string’s key, the relative translation will be requested within the “Resources” folder. Lastly, this translation will be part of the new Localizable.strings from Xcode.

It is possible to choose the languages to be processed and to add other xml files (in addition to the common strings.xml and arrays.xml).


Application for Windows written in Java.

When creating multilingual graphical interfaces for Android, strings translated into other languages may occupy more space than you think, deforming the layout.
This application creates a pseudolanguage with variable string lengths to correctly test and eventually adapt the application’s layout.

In the “Resources” folder of the Android project, a values-zz folder will be created with new strings for test phase use.

Screenshot Pseudolacalizer

Esporta lingue

Screenshot Esporta lingue

Java-written, cross-platform application for Windows, Linux, and MacOs.

It has the task of extracting xml files from source files (for Android app creation) with related strings to be translated into different languages.

Creates a zip archive for each language and eventually inserts a descriptive file within it.


Graphical interface of ffmpeg.

Conversion of audio files in the following formats: mp3, wav, aac, ogg, wma, flac, ac3, dts, mp2, aiff, ape, amr.

Extracting audio from a video.

Extraction of audio CD tracks.

Normalization of mp3 volume.

Screenshot G-Convert

Video solution

Screenshot Video Solution

Graphical interface of ffmpeg.

Converting video files in the following formats: mkv, mp4, mpg, avi, webm, flv, wmv

Video codec: x264, Mpeg-2, XviD, VP8, Wmv, “Direct stream copy”

Audio codec: mp3, ogg, aac, ac3, wav, mp2, wma, “Direct stream copy”

Video mux

Graphical interface of ffmpeg.

Demultiplexing audio-video track

Multiplexing audio and video track

Mux & Demux automatically multiple tracks.

Screenshot Video Mux

Installa hotfix

Screenshot Installa Hotfix

Automatic hotfix installation for Windows and Office downloaded previously.

Integra hotfix Office

Integration of the new 2007-2010 Office hotfixes directly into the installation folder for the creation of an always updated CD.

Screenshot Integra Hotfix Office

Gestione cartella User

Screenshot Gestione Cartella User

Management of the “User” folder of Windows 7/8/10 to add or remove subfolders