Computer Science Calculations

Computer Science Calculations (old name: Informatic Calculations) is the best app in the IT sector, it has many calculations that can help you in your work. It can not miss in your smartphone!

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All tools present:
Byte conversion – Dec, bin, oct, hex conversion – Signed number representations: Signed magnitude, One’s complement, Two’s complement – Bitwise operations – Shift and rotate bits – Password generation – Random number generation – Base 64 encoding / decoding – URL encoding / decoding – MD5, SHA, CRC-32 hash generation – Unix Timestamp conversion – POE calculation – Subnet calculation – Data transfer time – Wake on lan – RGB/HEX conversion


Common character encodings – ASCII character codes – HTML entities and special characters – Material Design color palettes – Best Unix commands – Language codes (ISO 639-1) – Country codes (ISO 3166-1)


String manipulation:
Characters, words, lines counting – Text inversion – Uppercase / Lowercase – Removal space and carriage return – Accented characters cleaning – Strings replacement – String / Binary conversion


  • Chinese Simplified (Axton, liuhaoran)
  • English (Valentina Ragona)
  • French (Ettore Gallina)
  • German (Andreas, DubHacker)
  • Indonesian (Sony Bejo)
  • Italian (Ettore Gallina)
  • Portuguese [Brasil] (Tomedes Translations)
  • Russian (Tomedes Translations, Murtozakul)
  • Spanish (Valentina Ragona)
  • Turkish (Bekir Aydogdu)
  • Vietnamese (Nguyen Duy Trung)

Translate Computer Science Calculations

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